Our Flour


Our Flour

Rockwell Biodynamic® Whole Wheat Flour is famed 100% Biodynamic (certified by the Demeter® Association), and 100% Organic. This ensures that you are always purchasing a product of superior quality.  Our product will never contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). We will never use additives or preservatives in our product or the processing of our product. In order to sustain its high energetic and nutritional properties, our Hard Red Spring Wheat is slowly and carefully stone ground at low temperatures, so you are assured of receiving the freshest, most vital flour with a finer taste.

At Rockwell Biodynamic®, we believe in the vision of healing our earth through regenerative agriculture, while also nourishing the whole human being.  Practicing the art of Biodynamic farming encourages the farmer to contemplate and enhance the many unseen forces of nature, which contribute to the creation of vital, nutrition and life-sustaining food products.

  • Farmed 100% Biodynamic

  • 100% Organic

  • Good Source of fiber

  • Non-GMO

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